Saturday, April 20, 2013


English Version
          That afternoon the sun was shining with heat, seemed a hungry rat is sheltering under a shady tree. Then came a cat over to him, “Hey Rat, what are you doing there, it seems you’re tired, isn’t you?”. “Oh, it turns out you’re a cat, yes from morning I was looking for food but have not got it, was tired of my stomach too hungry” replied the Rat. “Wow, what a coincidence I also haven’t eaten. But I know where Mr. Farmer put the food you know, would you take it?” said Cat. “It’s so high, but I’m sure with a tiny body, you can certainly pick it up for us to eat together” added the Cat. Mice are very interested i offering the Cat. So they finally agreed to devide the food equally. Soon, they arrived at a place that meant the Cat. It appears food basket hanging on the hut Mr. Farmer. Mice began to rise, with some difficulty he finally managed to reach the basket of food. Without much thought, mice ate the food directly. While a hungry Cats are still waiting parts. “Hi Rat, where my part? Hurry up you’re throwing for me, “cried the cat. “Well, I think this is only enough for me alone Cing” Rat answered lightly. Hearing that, cats are very angry. Suddenly, when they wanted to spend his last meal, “Brakk!” Rats slipped and fell right in front of the Cat. The Cat is upset immediately tried to catch the rat who’s greedy. And they romp around. Since then, cats have been hostile to the mice because they feel cheated.  

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